Get Your Outdoor Tools Ready Now For Spring!

Now that the holiday rush is over you can finally relax!  If you are a busy body like me you may want a few tasks to keep you busy.  If that is the case there are plenty of things you can start on now to get your tools ready for the spring.

List1-300x225Hand tools are often neglected and will need a little TLC to ensure proper use in the spring. These tools would include pruners, hand shears, loppers, and hand saws.  All of these tools will need cleaned well.  Use rubbing alcohol to remove unwanted bacteria and unwanted fungal spores.  Use a hand file or blade sharpener to ensure all blades are sharp and ready to use.  Finally, using a rust removal solution go through your tools and wipe off as much rust as you can.  Once this is completed you can use Wd-40 or a similar solution to keep metal hinges lubricated.  Wipe a fine coat on to the metal with a clean rag and store in a cool, dry place.  featured2-350x235

Small engine equipment should also be serviced at this time.  This would include chain saws, mowers, string trimmers and blowers.  Make sure to clean off all surfaces using a power washer or rag with cleaner.  Sharpen your blades or take them to your local garden center to be sharpened professionally.  All oil should be replaced with fresh oil and spark plugs will need examined and replaced if needed.  If your equipment has an air filter or fuel filter you may want to make sure they are in good working condition and change if appropriate.  It is best to remove old gas from your engine if possible.  Again, clean off all surfaces and store in a cool, dry place.


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