Indoor Plants Can Benefit You and Your Family

indoor-plants  Ever wonder why a plant placed inside a home draws your attention instantly?  Have you walked in to an office building with a beautifully decorated indoor plant display?  Why do malls like to place planters displays through the walkways?  Maybe it is because aesthetically, indoor plants are inviting, soothing and stimulate the senses.  It just may be that these indoor plants help purify the air you are breathing.  Overall, indoor plants can help improve the quality of life for you and your family.

best-indoor-plantsIndoor plants have been proven to have the benefits of reducing stress as well as help in the healing process for recovery in many situations.  In many cases, a well-placed container plant can help relieve every day stresses at work.  Plants are helpful in the recovery of patients after surgery.  Planter displays are also inviting and welcoming to make you more comfortable in social situations.

All plants, whether indoor or outdoor help in purifying the air you breathe.  As plants draw in air pollutants they release clean oxygen.  Water vapor is also transpired from the leaves and released in to the air.  Not only does this help naturally humidify the air in your home or office borchids insideut can help reduce interior dust as well.

Take some time to research different indoor plants that may be suitable to your home and light conditions.  Orchids are easy to maintain and look beautiful in bloom in bright light conditions.  Rubber plants can be used in larger areas with interesting foliage.  Peace lilies are popular during the Easter month but can do well all year round.

So whether you notice it or not, the presence of indoor plants has many benefits to your health and may just improve the quality of life for the people around you.    mall plants

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