Spring Clean Up 101

Preparing your landscape for the spring can be a daunting task.  Large bed spaces, numerous plants and time consuming labor can all attribute to headaches while evaluating your outdoor space.  Luckily, there are some things you can do now to reduce your time in working in the spring.

Remove Debris

Leaves, trash, fallen branches and other miscellaneous items can accumulate in your beds over the winter.  Take some time now to remove unwanted debris from your landscape and lawn.  Removing these items now while plants are still dormant allows for easier access inside the plants and allows you to see exactly what needs removed.  

Cut Back Unwanted Growth

Perennials may have been left uncut and unwanted growth from suckers or weeds may still remain in your landscape.  Cut these items back now to allow for healthy new growth.  Roses can be cut back to desired heights and shrubs can be pruned to more uniform shapes.    Most trees can still be thinned of crossing branches and dead wood.  Be cautious not to fully prune your spring flowering shrubs to allow for beautiful displays in the upcoming months.

Remove Winter Damaged Plants

Look at all of your plants and evaluate their health.  If you noticed die back in the previous summer or fall, this may be a good time to remove your plants.  If some branches have not started to bud out, take a sharp knife to the branch.  If the cut is not green you should remove the dead branch.      

Edge Your Beds

Beds can be edged at any time with a spade or shovel.  Preparing the edges early now will help reduce grass growth in to the beds as well as allow clean lines through the spring.  This can be one of the most labor intensive portions of a spring clean up.  Completing this task can be done in stages so starting early allows you multiple weekends or days to finish the project.

Spring clean ups can be manageable if you take your time and start early.  Reduce your time preparing your landscape by getting out in late winter to evaluate your plants and removing unwanted debris.  For help with your spring clean up please visit out website at www.buckandsons.com or call for a free quote 614 876 BUCK (2825)


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