Spring Clean Up Tips for your Garden

Spring is just around the corner and cleaning up your garden may be on your list of chores to do.  If you’re like us, you like to make sure things are neat and tidy before those spring flowers start blooming.  Here are some tips to make sure your yard is prepared for the spring weather!

Take A Walk Around Your Home – It may have been months since you saw the side of your house and the build up of leaves from your neighbor’s lawns!  You may notice that your superior looking rose of sharon had a broken limb or two.  Just take some time to walk around your property to assess what you should do.  Plan ahead so you can delegate some time to get problem areas tidied up.

Check for Mulch – You may add mulch every year.  Some homeowners add mulch to their beds bi-yearly.  Check your beds to see exactly how much mulch is around your plants.  If you have a 2″ layer of mulch you may just want to “fluff” your existing mulch and only add a thin decorative layer.  If you can see bare dirt you will want to make sure you add a good layer of mulch 2-3″ thick to make sure you plants stay cool, the soil retains moisture and to help deter new weed seeds from germinating.  

Plan Your Planting – Do you have a dead tree that you removed in the fall?  Do you have an evergreen that died suddenly?  Start planning for new plants.  It’s easier to find fresh, newly dug plants in the spring and it’s a great time to plant.  Watering is easier because the soil is cool and moist.  We will often get some great spring rains to help jump start new plants.

Find Your Tools – Like most gardeners we put away our tools for the winter.  Sometimes we put them in odd spots.  Make sure you have your pruners and loppers and that they are in good working condition.

Re-Attach Hoses – If you took your hoses inside for the winter go ahead and bring them back out and re-attach to your hose reels.  It’s always easier to do while you don’t have plants in the way.

Not A DIYer, Find A Contractor – For most, getting out to clean up beds and mulch is a tedious task.  Not everyone has the time to allocate towards a spring clean up of the outside of their home.  If this is the case, make sure you do your research on contractors in your area.  Make sure they are licensed and are in good standing the the Bureau of Workers Compensation and Better Business Bureau.  Set a meeting and make sure you a comfortable with your contractor working at your home.

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