Start Planning Your Outdoor Living Space Now

Have you thought about expanding your living space to the outdoors?  Well now is the time to start planning and thinking about how you would like to bring your family outdoors.  Everything from outdoor kitchens, pergolas, fire pits, flooring material and attached structures should be considered.  Here are some things to consider when starting your planning process.

Basic layout and functionality.  What are you trying to accomplish?  Would you like an entertaining space for family and friends?  Do you want an area for you to relax and get away?  These are all things to consider when you start your plan.  You should know what you want to use the space for before you start the design process.

Once you know how you are going to use the space it is time to consider what amenities you would like to have.  Will you be grilling food?  Do you need running water for drinks?  Do you need electricity for a refrigerator or natural gas for a gas fire place?  These are all minor details but can really turn your back yard patio in to a exceptional living space.

It’s time to take your plan it put it on paper.  You should have interviewed a few contractors.  Find someone who is reputable.  Check the reviews.  Most of all, you should be comfortable with them.  Have their designer layout your vision on paper.  Fine tune your details to figure what type and color of pavers you will use.  Will you use natural cedar or do you want painted wood?  These are all things to consider in the design process.

Take your time in deciding what exactly you want with you outdoor living space.  Make sure you are comfortable with your contractor and your design.  Start planning early as there are many steps to the process and you want to make sure nothing is overlooked.

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