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What are some of the best trees for columbus, OH?  This is a fairly common question that many business and homeowners ask frequently.  And the answer is not as simple as one might think.  There are some great native trees that do extremely well throughout Ohio but are not necessarily attractive landscape trees for a home or business.  There are some wonderful non native trees that do perform well but may have longevity issues.  One must also think about where they are planting the tree, what type of soils will the tree be surrounded by and overall functionality of the tree.  Here are some trees to consider planting this fall for your landscape.

1) Black Gum ‘Nyssa sylvatica’ is a native tree to most of the eastern United States.  This tree does perform best in moist, well drained soils but can adapt to drier conditions.  The glossy dark green leaves turn a brilliant red in the fall black-gumand the fruit is heavily admired by wildlife.  In ideal conditions this tree can reach 30-40′ tall and wide.  It is a great substitute for red maples which can fall victim to bark cracking and nutrient deficiencies.

2) Bald Cypress ‘Taxodium distichum’ is a deciduous conifer common to southern swamp areas of the United States but it extremely adaptable to the clay soils and dry winters of the midwest.  This unique conifer appears as an evergreen but feathery needles turn a burnt orange and fall off the tree for the winter.  This tree can grow 50′ tall and 30′ wide and is ideal as a boarder plant but can be used in a variety of locations for the landscape.bald-cypress

3) Silver Linden ‘Tilia tomentosa’ has a wonderful dark green leaf with a silvery underside to make it pop out with a breeze.  This tree can get 40′ tall and 30′ wide and would be ideal to help shade homes or landscapes because of its dense canopy.  Japanese beetles can be a slight issue from time to time but this linden_silvertree otherwise has little issues.

4) Serviceberry ‘Amelanchier varieties’ are truly great ornamental trees for smaller locations as they are highly adaptable to many sites.  Best used as an under story tree, this ornamental can also be used as a focal plant to anchor patios, corners of homes and as screenings.  The tree form varieties are also great to use in locations that would otherwise not be suitable for a larger shade trees.   serviceberry_autumn-brilliance

It is important to know how big your trees will get before you plant them in your desired location.  As you dig a hole for your tree make sure your soils will be advantageous to the growth of your selected tree.  You may want to amend the existing soil to accommodate your new tree or switch your tree to better adapt to the site.  For questions or general ideas on which trees you should use call us at 614 876 2825 or visit our website

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