Your Fall Home Checklist

It’s time to start thinking about all those little things that need done on the outside of your home in order to prepare for the winter and make sure your home is in tip top shape.  Fall is the perfect season to make sure things are packed up, put away and looking great for the fall season.  Here is a list of things to help decrease your fall chores this season:Burke4.1541-225x300

Check lawn areas for drought, insect and disease damage

If you have had signs of insect damage make sure to apply a late season insecticide to damaged areas.  Re-seed any bare areas now to allow the grass seed time to establish before the winter.  If you have noticed diseased areas you may want to consider aerating your lawn to help reduce thatch build up and allow better air circulation in your lawn.

Fertilize your lawn

If you do not fertilize much during the regular growing season do your lawn a favor and add a fall application.  Use a good fertilizer with a balanced analysis to get your roots to grow deep in the soil for the winter.  This will help increase your lawns drought tolerance and help boost your lawn for the spring.

Clean up, sharpen and put away your tools

If you have pruned your last shrub and planted your last perennial it may be time to hang up the outdoor tools for the year.  Make sure to clean all of your cutting tools and sharpen the blades.  Clean your tools with a good disinfectant like rubbing alcohol and get any sap or resin out so your tools are ready to go next spring.

Put away your hoses 

If the weather starts to turn you should not need to water much more for the rest of the season.  Make sure your hoses are free of water and store them in a dry place for the winter.  If left outside your hoses may deteriorate or break from freezing and thawing water that may be built up in the hose.

Clean your mower and store away for the year

We may not be quite there but you will want to start thinking about winterizing your mower for the season.  Change the oil, sharpen the blades and remove gasoline before you store away for the year to make sure everything is in good working order for next season.

Plant bulbs for spring color

Everyone loves tulips and daffodils in the spring.  You must plant this fall though in order to have amazing spring displays.

Put away your outdoor furniture

If you do not plan on having football parties outdoors or do not think you will be using your outdoor fire pit go ahead and clean up your outdoor furniture and store away for the winter.  No one likes to drag around tables and chairs while the snow is flying so make your life a little easier by storing your furniture early.

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