Get a Jump on Spring by Growing Your Own Herbs Indoors

For many, winter is a time to take a break from gardening.  For others, there is no better joy than to have your own herb garden at your convenience. Growing  your own herbs can be a very satisfying experience and a way to keep those green thumbs busy.  You don’t need a lot of space and can grow many different plants easily.pots

In most cases, herbs need as much sunlight as possible during the winter.  You can place them near a sunny window.  Typically, south facing window will provide you with the most sunlight throughout the day.  Make sure your plants are not touching the window as this may disrupt your plants growing habits.  If you do not have good sunlight you can always supplement your light with artificial bulbs.  Fluorescent lights and Light Emitting Diode bulbs are cost effective ways to create natural sunlight.  grow lights

Your plants should be watered regularly but this depends on your soil medium.  It is always best to let your soil dry out before watering.  If you are not sure if you should water test the top layer of the soil with your finger and feel for dryness.  Your soil should be well drained as well.  Use a good premium potting soil and make sure your pots have holes to drain the water completely.

Another item to consider is the temperature in your room.  Herbs do not need tropical settings.  They mainly enjoy temperatures in the 65 degree to 75 degree range.  A good measurement is your own body.  If you are comfortable than your herbs probably are too.

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