Great Spring Plants For Your Home!

spring flowers

With Spring just a few days away it is hard not to be enthusiastic for warm weather and of course, the flowers!  Spring flowers are not only eye catching but they can make beautiful vases for the inside of your home.  If you did not plant spring flowering bulbs in the fall you will miss out on those flowers this year but that doesn’t mean you cannot have flowers this year on your plants.  Here are some great plants that will give you that extra pop of color for your home.

The old stand by to let you know spring is here is forsythia.  The bright yellow flowers are attractive and great for many locations in part shade or full sun.  Many think that these are only good for large areas and open spaces but newer varieties can appeal to small gardens.  Try ‘sugar baby’ or ‘gold tide’.  These smaller varieties may only reach 30″ tall and are great low maintenance plants that will not take over your landscape.Forsythia_Show Off

Another great option may be the flowering quince.  Again, many older varieties are much larger but new and improved quince come in dwarf forms.  Brilliant red flowers burst in the spring which can be a beautiful contrast with forsythia.  Smaller varieties like ‘texas scarlet’ only grown 3′ tall and 3-4′ wide and make great border shrubs for your landscape.

A spring flowering shrub we love is fothergilla.  These plants bloom in spring with little puffs of white flowers.  Although the spring blooms are not profuse, this plant has nice green to blue foliage throughout the summer and turns a wonderful orange and red in the fall.  This plant truly has three seasons of interest.  fothergill_mt airy 2

If you like viburnum than you will love the fragrant flowers of the koreanspice viburnum.  In our opinion, it is one of the best smelling flowers for spring.  The compact variety can get 4-5′ tall but does very well in any sunny location.  Used as a stand alone or can be used as a hedge row, this plant will make any garden enthusiast ecstatic for spring!

Which ever plant you choose you will love pop of color you get in spring.  If you just do not have room for new shrubs, make sure to buy some tulips, daffodils or hyacinths in the fall.  Best if planted in September through November, these little bulbs will burst with a brilliant spectrum of colors in the spring.

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