Keep Your Home Looking Great This Summer



Now that we’ve made it through the spring its time to make sure all of your initial fruits of labor do not go to waste.  Ideally, mulching has been completed, plants have been fertilized, and you have dead headed spent spring flowers.  There are many things you can do now however to keep your home looking beautiful and inviting all summer long.

Weeding is essential to keep your beds and lawn looking great.  Make sure to just take some time every weekend to assess your beds and weeds as needed.  Thirty minutes every weekend will save you lots of time and energy later if you just make sure to pull weeds sporadically as they appear.  Use herbicides as needed on your lawn for weed control of hand pull them if minimal.  158

Water those plants!  Water is a basic necessity of plants and without it your plants may become stressed, inviting unwanted insects and disease to pray on your plants.  Keeping your plants healthy and vibrant will keep your home looking amazing and beautiful all summer.  Wilting is normal for plants during the hot summer.  Even with adequate rain and supplemental water your plant leaves may show signs of stress.  Don’t be alarmed.  Just water as needed.  You may see that your plants recover quickly and are back to their normal state in the morning.

Prune as needed.  Spring flowering shrubs should be pruned by the 4th of July.  This includes plants such as forsythia, fragrant viburnums, and lilacs to name a few.  Prune these plants before they set new blooms for the following season.  Spring flowering perennials and spent bulbs should be deadheaded and pruned as necessary.  Pruning off spent flowers will make your much more aesthetically appealing.  Normal foliage plants such as burning bush, taxus and boxwoods should be pruned to shape to keep your home looking great for the summer.Burke4.1541-768x1024

Take some time to look around your home.  Get to know what plants you have on your property and what proper maintenance techniques you should be implementing.  If you have questions on your plants or are in need of maintenance services, give us a call or visit our website for more information.


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